Capella de Catalunya, Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall – Claudio Monteverdi: L’Orfeo (2015) [Hi-Res]

Capella de Catalunya, Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall - Claudio Monteverdi: L'Orfeo (2015) [Hi-Res] Full Album

Artist: Capella de Catalunya, Concert des Nations, Jordi Savall
Title: Claudio Monteverdi: L’Orfeo
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Alia Vox
Genre: Classical
Quality: flac 24bits – 48.0kHz +booklet
Total Time: 01:54:06
Total Size: 1.15 gb

Claudio Monteverdi: L’Orfeo Tracklist:

01. L’Orfeo: Toccata – Jordi Savall
02. L’Orfeo, Prologo: Ritornello-Dal mio permesso amato – Montserrat Figueras
03. L’Orfeo, Ato primo: I. In questo lieto e fortunato giorno – Marília Vargas
04. L’Orfeo, Ato primo: II. Lasciate i monti – Francesc Garrigosa
05. L’Orfeo, Ato primo: III. Rosa del ciel – Arianna Savall
06. L’Orfeo, Ato primo: IV. Vieni Imeneo, deh vieni – Jordi Savall
07. L’Orfeo, Ato primo: V. Ritornello-Alcun non sia – Iván García
08. L’Orfeo, Atto secondo: I. Sinfonia-Ecco pur ch’à voi ritorno – Jordi Savall
09. L’Orfeo, Atto secondo: II. Mira, ch’à se n’alletta – Furio Zanasi
10. L’Orfeo, Atto secondo: III. Ahi, caso acerbo! – Furio Zanasi
11. L’Orfeo, Atto secondo: IV. In un fiorito prato – Iván García
12. L’Orfeo, Atto secondo: V. Tu se’ morta – Furio Zanasi
13. L’Orfeo, Atto secondo: VI. Ahi, caso acerbo! – Jordi Savall
14. L’Orfeo, Atto secondo: VII. Chi ne consola, ahi lassi? – Jordi Savall
01. L’Orfeo, Atto terzo: I. Sinfonia-Scorto da te mio Nume – Furio Zanasi
02. L’Orfeo, Atto terzo: II. Ecco l’atra palude – Cécile Van De Sant
03. L’Orfeo, Atto terzo: III. O tu ch’innanzi mort’a queste rive – Jordi Savall
04. L’Orfeo, Atto terzo: IV. Possente Spirto – Furio Zanasi
05. L’Orfeo, Atto terzo: V. Ritornello-Orfeo son io – Furio Zanasi
06. L’Orfeo, Atto terzo: VI. Sol tu nobil Dio – Furio Zanasi
07. L’Orfeo, Atto terzo: VII. Sinfonia – Furio Zanasi
08. L’Orfeo, Atto Terzo: VIII. Sinfonia A 7 – Jordi Savall
09. L’Orfeo, Atto terzo: XIX. Sinfonia – Jordi Savall
10. L’Orfeo, Atto quarto: I. Signor, quel infelice – Iván García
11. L’Orfeo, Atto quarto: II. Sinfonia-Qual honor di te sia degno – Furio Zanasi
12. L’Orfeo, Atto quarto: III. O dolcissimi lumi – Iván García
13. L’Orfeo, Atto quarto: IV. Sinfonia a 7-E la virtute un raggio – Jordi Savall
14. L’Orfeo, Atto quinto: I. Ritornello – Furio Zanasi
15. L’Orfeo, Atto quinto: II. Sinfonia – Furio Zanasi
16. L’Orfeo, Atto quinto: III. Saliam cantand’al cielo – Furio Zanasi
17. L’Orfeo, Atto quinto: IV. Vanne, Orfeo, felice a pieno-Moresca – Jordi Savall
18. L’Orfeo, Atto quinto: V. Moresca – Jordi Savall
This live recording made on January 31st, 2002 at the Liceu Theatre in Barcelona is already a cornerstone of any Monteverdi discography. It has been released on DVD by Opus Arte (but is now unavailable in most countries and reaches pretty high scores on the market place…), with a slightly different editing. This new and original multichannel mastering reveals the full scale of the inspiration of Jordi Savall and his ensembles, as well as the soloists, who include the late Montserrat Figueras, Furio Zanasi and Sara Mingardo.

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